Discreet Playmates goes beyond the call of duty to make your visit to our students' luxury apartments extraordinary in every sense of the word! In order for us to make this the best experience possible, please kindly follow our simple rules. Obviously, we do not want to put anyone in an awkward, unethical or illegal position. So, lets work together to make this a good experience.


Please keep the followings things in mind when you contact or visit our Discreet Playmate students:


(1) We provide FREE body rubs as unlicensed Massage therapists. A body rub that does not involve any sexual activity or sex acts. It is illegal for our students to accept an offer for sex (or any other lewd act) in exchange for money, so please refrain from asking our students over the phone or in person, "What do you do for $$$...". Our students will immediately terminate a call or session if you persist with these type of questions.


(2)  Our clients are paying solely for the Agency's dating services fees for a date in a luxury, upscale location.


(3)  If you are interested in booking an appointment with one of our students, please review their profiles on the website. Their profiles clearly lists everything they like to do on a date. Please respect the time of our students when you call to schedule an appointment and refrain from requesting or asking them do anything that is not listed on their profiles.


(4)  Upon arrival at the student's luxury apartment, please place your donation on the counter OR give to the student at the start of the visit. Please, be a gentleman and do not make the student ask for their donation.


(5) Finally, we do NOT provide "Full Service"! Trust us, you will be wasting your time and ours, if you believe otherwise!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q:How do I schedule an appointment?


Very easy! You can schedule an appointment online or call our students directly.




Q:The students on the website look too lovely, are the photos really genuine?


We are glad that you agree they look lovely, as this means we are doing out jobs! Nonetheless, you can be assured that all our pictures are 100% genuine and recent. We pride ourselves on our honest dealing so you will never see a fake picture on our website. We simply do not allow it and playmates are 100% verified. Besides, should the girl you select to meet is not available, you will not be swapped to see another girl without your knowledge. After all, an one-time customer is no good for us, so we work with you to ensure you are 100% happy and thus will come back. We are not going to tarnish our reputuation and website name by using fake photos. 




Q:Are you student apartments really upscale and luxurious? I hear this quite often..


Again, we are trying to offer the best Adult Entertainment in the Chicagoland area. To accomplish this goal, we have to always strive to operate above and beyond our competition.

As such, I will personally guarantee that all of the students in the "Discreet Playmate" Society reside in the most luxurious apartments Chicago has to offer. In fact, we only carefully select students who have apartments that fit our most strictest criteria. This criteria requires the apartment be luxurious and upscale in its true meaning.



Q:I'm kind of confused? If the body rub is FREE and I paid for a (1) hour date, what is the time length for both the date and body rub?


Good question, we glad you asked! Our students are NOT licensed massage therapists and cannot obtain tips or compensation for any activity that resembles a massage. Therefore, you are actually paying for the Agency dating service fees.


With this in mind, the length of your date could be extended, depending on how long you approve of her practicing her massage skills with you.  As such, your date will begin with a variety of practice sessions for the student to perfect her skills and compliment her training in massage school. Thereafter, whatever happens on a date with two consenting adults is solely up them. Please also understand we cannot allow any type sexual or lewd acts to take place on our premises.



Q:What if the student playmate I hire is nothing like it was advertised here? Who should I contact to file a complaint?


With any growing organization, feedback from our clients, whether positive or negative, can only help us grow and improve. Obviously, we take our client's concerns very seriously, as it is the root of our business. As previously stated, we are striving to be the "cream of the crop" when it comes to Adult Entertainment and therefore we need clients to return and recommend others in a positive manner.


Any allegation of mistreatment, unfairness or anything else from any student associated with "Discreet Playmates" will be investigated by our Management team and resolved to the best of our ability. Obviously, if a student continues to receive negative feedback from clients, then she will be removed from exclusive Society.


Superior customer service is paramount with our organization!  Always feel free to contact our Management office at (855) 643-1111 or send us an email at "" with any concerns and we will respond in a timely manner.




Q:What can I expect during the session, it's my first time?


Great question! You will receive an inital FREE body rub and allow the student playmate to conduct a variety of practice massage techniques on your body. Thereafter, you will be able to spend quality time with your student.

Whatever happens during a date between two consenting adults can only be decided by the same two adults. I would highly recommend that you review the profiles of the student  you like and read about the things they like to do on a date. If it suits you, feel free to book an appointment with them and enjoy the encounter.



Q:I do not feel comfortable talking on the phone with a student playmate, can I book an appointment solely online?


Of course! As a matter of fact, all the information you need to know about our students and what to expect is clearly spelled out in this website. It is clearly not necessary for our students to repeat the same information over the phone, that is listed on the website. Therefore, this type of booking is recommended.


Our students were contracted by "Discreet Playmates" based on their superior customer service skills and ability to create geniune rapport with our clients. They are skilled at what they do and we are confident you are going to walk away feeling refreshed, relaxed and content. Bottom line, you will be returning! I'll guarantee it.....



If you are currently a college student or interested in attending a Massage school and would like to work as an Independent Contractor with us, please feel free to contact us.